Sales Tax Policy 10/2/15


Here is the official clarification from HO about the sales tax issue for invoicing out of state:

“The checkbox you have been using to toggle between in-state and out-of-state is the key right now. When checked, sales tax will be charged according to your home address located in your profile with your Audrey settings. This box should be checked and used when you are selling product that is being received in your area. If you are selling out-of-state, please uncheck the box. This will not charge sales tax to the party receiving product out of state. When we finalize the taxation element of Audrey, all sales tax will be assessed against the ship to address and you will be able to input your customer’s information before you finalize payment and have it calculate the appropriate tax. This next step will continue to align us with our belief in being a good corporate tax citizen by helping facilitate the collection of sales tax on products sold and received across the country. Thank you for your continue partnership.” — LuLaRoe

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